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The body says a lot.

Action Consulting views non-verbal communication and its connection to human behaviour as a way to accelerate achieving your goals. We pull cues from the way bodies move to help people naturally elevate and excel in any work situation.


with movement

We can interpret it.


Our Approach

Our practical and genuine approach provides you with tools that can be used on a day-to-day basis, in a way that's natural to you. 

Whether it’s helping elevate your career, excel at a particular skill, or achieve a company objective, our goal is for you to understand yourself and others in more depth. We focus on how to get you there personally, naturally, and professionally.

We like to work with companies that put their people first, not in boxes.



Everything we do focuses on raising awareness of yourself and other people. Our services fall into three categories: Body Language Training, Action Profiling, and Facial Feature Analysis.


Body Language Training


Use your physical behaviour productively.

Physical behaviour influences the way we understand and interact with one another. Our programs focus on developing awareness of a person's own physical behaviour, how they influence others, and boosts their ability to adapt to different situations. Learn to enhance the use of body language effectively with one of our group workshops. Sessions can be tailored to your needs and application.

Learn more about the background on this service.


Be present, actively listen, and speak with clarity to engage others and understand their perspective – consistently.



Create actual comfort, establish presence, and project voice accordingly when speaking to a group – in a way that is natural to you.



Reduce anxiety, project confidence, and communicate engagingly to demonstrate a genuine reflection of yourself.


Relate to your work environment in a healthy, natural, and productive way, regardless of the equipment or setting.


Action Profiling


Understand the inherent thinking patterns of yourself or others.

Action Profiling examines the correlation between specific body movements and innate thought processes. By observing patterns of these movements our consultants are able to understand patterns in how a person thinks, makes decisions, and interacts with others. This information is gathered from a casual two-hour conversation, which is filmed, analyzed, and then calculated to form an in-depth profile.


Understand how you and others naturally think, make decisions, and communicate with our Action Profiling based consulting services. 

Learn more about the background on this service.


Improve accuracy of hiring selection, accelerate the onboarding process, and increase retention by comparing a person’s Action Profile with the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of a job.


Individual Development

Increase personal productivity, reduce stress, and manage yourself more effectively by understanding your Action Profile in relation to work and future goals.


Team Development

Build group cohesiveness, foster strong contributions, and make potential issues more predictable by comparing the Action Profiles of team members.


Leadership Consulting

Gain an in-depth understanding of your natural tendencies to further optimize your efforts and shed light on what differentiates you from others.


Facial Feature Analysis


Read people by analyzing their faces.

This is an approach to understanding people by analyzing features of the face. The impact of our environment, how we perceive experiences, the way we think, feel, and make decisions is all reflected in our faces – affecting bone structure, muscles, circulatory system, and nervous system. Recognizing how aspects of the face have developed into their present form enables us to understand the corresponding implications in a person’s behaviour. 

Our training courses teach you how to observe people's features, gain insights into how they behave, and adapt your interactions accordingly. We also offer consulting services where we conduct an analysis and provide guidance based on your intended application.





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Action Consulting is located in downtown Toronto, but works with clients globally. 


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a meeting, contact us at any time.


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