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Body Language Training Background

The basis for our body language training is predominantly drawn from the work of three movement analysts.

Rudolf Laban (1879-1958): Laban provided a conceptual framework for analyzing the complexity of human movement. Seeing beyond static body positions, he focused on the expressiveness embedded within the process of moving. Laban used the physical principles of weight, space, time, and flow to analyze the dynamic range of the body’s movement.

Irmgard Bartenief (1900-1981): After studying with Laban in Germany, Bartenief brought the work to the United States in 1938. She fostered the application of Laban’s concepts in cross cultural studies, education, and a variety of other professional areas. In her later years, she founded a movement analysis school in New York City known as Laban/Bartenief Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS).

Dr. Judith Kestenberg (1910-1999): Kestenberg was a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University. She used Laban’s work as a base to understand biological development patterns in movements that evolve throughout life. These discoveries are related to how we present ourselves and shape our communication.

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